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Hauling Techniques for Fly Casting & Fly Fishing

Hauling can be introduced into several different casts to increase line speed which assists with the creation of tighter loops during casting which in turn can help the caster achieve several things.

For Example:

1. Hold more line up in the air and therefore assist with achieving greater distances where required.

2. when it is necessary to cast longer distances but still create tight enough loops to allow the angler to cast under trees, or access tight areas along the river bank for example, this technique will assist with achieving this.

3. If the angler is trying to turn over a heavier than usual fly, for instance, let's say when salt water fishing, then this technique comes in very handy as you will find out.

Hauling can be used in it's Single or double form, allowing you to efficiently combat headwinds and tail winds to your advantage, it is definitely a technique to have in your armoury.

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