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Casting Tuition, Fishing Packages & Prices
Improve your casting & improve your success


At The Outset

Prior to all casting and fishing sessions, there is a certain amount of time that we must set aside for assembling our tackle. So what I would like to do here, is try to make that time as short and efficient as possible by suggesting a few tips for both the beginner, and also the more accomplished angler. I will endeavour to explain these procedures in an easy to follow format, so that those of you who have never fly fished before can also benefit. To see more:

Click Here


The Overhead Cast


Here is just one of the many different analogies that can be applied to the overhead cast.


Click on the diagrams in order.



Overhead Cast step 1




Overhead Cast step 2




Overhead Cast step 3



Individual Tuition & Fishing Packages


The Package price below is based on individual tuition & fishing.

To add 1 additional person to this package will be £15 only

(maximum 2 people)



(4 hours)



Sea Trout

Brown Trout



Cost of Package = £130


Contents of Package:


2Hours Tuition, which includes: -

Fly Casting, Fly selection, Tackle advice, Angling knots, Fishing techniques, Entomology.

(Tea & Coffee provided)


2Hours Fishing, which includes: -

All tackle and Flies provided (if required)

(All Salmon fishing packages, are catch and release). This is in line with current By-Laws.



Secure Online Payment

4 Hour Package


Bookings for the full range of Tuition Sessions can also be arranged to include a fishing session if required.



An Eden Brown Trout



Another Good Trout




* Multiple Session Discounts *


Services Available

Improve your distance and your presentation

Fly casting techniques for beginners, improvers or advanced casters.


Visit the following Links

Click on the above links to see a brief overview of a variety of casts which are very useful for many different situations on both Stillwaters and Rivers. Come along and take a look at some of these casts, or simply improve the ones you already know. The more casts you have in your armoury the better equipped you will be to overcome the many different scenarios that you will encounter in a practical fishing situation, and when executed correctly, they can have a dramatic effect on your success rate. So why not contact me now, and I will be happy to arrange tuition or fishing to suit your personal requirements.


Tuition/Fishing/Guiding Prices

Minimum booking 2 hours

All tackle can be supplied if required, at a small charge of £10 pp per session:

Optional Secure Online Payment Please check availability of dates here prior to booking


Individual & Family Tuition (hourly)

Individual Instruction ------------ £45 per hour Parent & child instruction ------ £45 per hour Family (2 Adults & child inst) - £55 per hour

Group Tuition (hourly)

Inst. for a group of 2 Adults ---- £55 per hour Inst. for a group of 3 Adults ---- £60 per hour

Half Day Instruction (3 hours)

Half day individual inst. ------ £110 (3 hours) Half day inst. for 2 Adults ---- £130 (3 hours) Half day inst. for 3 Adults ---- £150 (3 hours)

2 Adults
3 Adults

Full Day Instruction (6 hours)

Full day individual inst. ------- £190 (6 hours) Full day inst. for 2 Adults ----- £210 (6 hours) Full day inst. for 3 Adults ----- £225 (6 hours)

2 Adults
3 Adults

Larger Groups or Angling Clubs

Full day inst. - £250 (6 hours)  *(1 instructor)* Full day inst. - £400 (6 hours) *(2 instructors)*

1 instructor 2 instructors


Large groups and Angling Clubs can be catered for with 2 instructors at a discounted price, as shown above.



If required, arrangements can be made for 2 fully qualified instructors to be available for groups of 4 and over, this will be reflected in the price. For further details of larger groups simply give me a call or drop me an email. Contact us



If requested, Instructors will travel to a venue of your choice although this will incur an additional charge of 45p per mile. This charge only applies to round trips of 20 miles or more, and a minimum booking of a Full day session will need to be arranged if long distance travelling is a requirement.



During tuition sessions, the mechanics of each cast will be addressed. This will afford the angler a greater insight into each cast covered, and therefore a better understanding of the cast itself, which will in turn allow the angler to improve their fault finding and correctional skills. It is only then, that the angler will improve their casting techniques.





The Roll Cast


One of the most important casts to learn is the roll cast, and it is probably the most neglected cast of them all, it can not only get you out of all sorts of awkward situations, but if you intend to be a reasonable Spey caster (with either the single or double handed fly rods) then this is an essential cast to learn as it is the corner stone of all the Spey casts. So as a good overhead cast is a prerequisite to learning how to double haul correctly, then so a good roll cast is a prerequisite to learning, or improving, your spey casting techniques.


Why learn how to

Roll Cast ?

Here's Why !

To straighten out a line on the water prior to executing one of the other available casts.

when encountering obstacles behind, restricting you from overhead casting.

Its an integral part of your Spey Casts.

When fishing from a boat such as loch style fishing.

When fishing in a strong following wind, the Roll Cast is a much safer option and quite efficient.

To raise a sunk line to the surface prior to re-casting.

when retrieving a fly, and you have returned to the Roll Cast delivery point, it can be used to strike a last minute take.

The Roll Cast can also be used in conjunction with other casts, such as the overhead, to create an efficient combination cast for a variety of situations.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why it is in your best interests to be able to Roll Cast, as this cast affords you so many more options in a practical fishing situation.








Tuition is available after the season finishes



Tuition is available before the new season begins



Groups are welcome


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