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The Single Spey Cast

Although many Spey casters are familiar with the fact that Spey casting was designed to give the angler access to those difficult to reach areas due to obstacles behind such as trees and high banks etc., some anglers still fail to realise that these casts should also be wind orientated to be both safe and efficient. All Spey casts can be executed in a non wind situation, but where wind exists, why not use it to your advantage.

The single Spey is simply a jump (or accelerated) Roll cast with a change of direction. This cast allows us to re-position our fly to create an anchor point on the water facing the direction in which we wish to cast at a safe distance away from our body. In a windy situation, this cast can only be executed safely if the wind is blowing in a general upstream direction. This is because the wind will not only help to keep the fly line and fly away from you, but it will also assist with the formation of your D loop on your upstream/upwind side, as well as making the cast much more efficient.

It is important to point out at this stage that the above rule is always the same whichever bank you may be fishing from and regardless of whether you are predominantly left or right handed. The only difference being that you must first make sure that your casting hand is uppermost on the cork handle of the rod. What I mean by this, in this particular cast, if you are on the left bank you should have your right hand uppermost on the handle and if you are on the right bank you should have your left hand uppermost on the handle, this will afford you room to open up to the cast prior to the delivery without restriction. Remember the wind is still blowing upstream whichever bank you are fishing from.

To define which is the left bank and which is the right bank, simply turn your body to face downstream, the left bank is on your left and the right bank is on your right.

For further information the Single Spey cast you can view a more in depth article in a PDF document on the following link Click here. This article can also be accessed from the bottom of the Home Page under the heading of Six of the Best Spey Casts.

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