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The Roll Cast
The delivery position for all Spey Casts

The Roll cast is a much neglected cast by many anglers but once mastered it can open up many new opportunities throughout your fishing career. Here are a few uses for the Roll cast:

  • To straighten your line out on the water at the outset.
  • To overcome the problems of obstacles behind.
  • The set up position of all your Spey casts
  • To assist you when fishing from a boat
  • It can be used to good effect with a strong following wind
  • To raise a sunk line to the surface
  • Striking a fish from a difficult position
  • Part of a combination cast

Further information regarding the Roll cast can be found on this website on the following links which will take you to (a) The casting tuition page: Click here (b) The faults and cures page: Click Here or alternatively you can view a more in depth article in a PDF document: Click here. This article can also be accessed from the bottom of the Home Page under Six of the Best Spey Casts.

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