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Border Game Angling (Terms and Conditions)

The following terms and conditions will constitute an agreement between Border Game Angling and its customers, in an attempt to provide a fair service to all parties. Please read through these terms and conditions prior to booking.


Safety equipment will be made available at no extra cost at all of our fishing venues, i.e. wading sticks, life jackets, eye protection, caps etc, however it is advised that you do bring your own safety requirements along with you, as we will take no responsibility for faulty equipment should there be a problem.


Border Game Angling will accept no liability for any personal injury, or damage to personal equipment, that may occur during your session/s. Booking with Border Game Angling constitutes and agreement that you attend the session entirely at your own risk.

Prior to your booking

  • Customers are advised to make us aware, prior to your visit, of any serious health issues you may have in preparation for any potential problems that may arise during your session/s.
  • All participating visitors to Border Game Angling should be in possession of the relevant Environment Agency rod licences, details of which can be accessed via the following link: E.A. Rod Licence Info. Border Game Angling will take no responsibility whatsoever for any prosecutions arising from the inability of its customers to produce the required rod licence to the relevant authorities.
  • If you are booking via PayPal and your dates are not flexible, please check with Border Game Angling first to confirm that your requested dates are available This can be done via email: info@bordergameangling.co.uk or tel: 01228 548222.

Your Booking

  • It is advisable to book your session well in advance to avoid disappointment.
  • A 50% (non – refundable) deposit will be required to secure your booking, unless otherwise stated. However, your deposit will not be lost if your session has to be re – arranged by Border Game Angling due to impossible conditions. (See cancellations below).
  • You will receive a confirmation for your booking either by email, telephone, letter or SMS. If you do not receive confirmation of your booking within 7 days, you must contact Border Game Angling immediately. We will take no responsibility for unconfirmed bookings.
  • Short notice bookings can be made, but we cannot guarantee availability. However we will try to accommodate you as best we can.
  • Bookings will be taken on a first come first served basis and once your booking has been confirmed, your chosen date will be our priority, and will only be subject to change via mutual agreement.

B.G.A. Gift Vouchers (for all occasions)

  • Gift Vouchers are only redeemable against tuition and fishing, or fishing trips and holidays, arranged by Border Game Angling, and are valid for up to one year from the date shown in the top right hand corner of your vouchers. (Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash)
  • Following the expiry date of your gift voucher (1 year after purchase) if your voucher has not been redeemed, the voucher will then be deemed as void and no refunds will be given.
  • Gift Vouchers will not be distributed until full payment has been received from the purchaser.
  • Gift Vouchers can only be used once. To redeem your vouchers, (personal package requirement) vouchers must be produced and handed in by the recipient at the outset of their session/s. (no vouchers = no session/s).
  • Gift voucher dates can be left open (date to be arranged by mutual agreement) providing that they are redeemed within the timescale of 1 year from purchase.
  • Tuition and fishing session dates for Gift Vouchers must be mutually arranged and agreed upon by Border Game Angling and the recipient/s. (no refunds given).

You’re Payments

  • Payment options include: Cash, Cheque, Credit/Debit cards via PayPal & BACS (Bank Account Credit System).
  • Deposits are non – refundable unless your session or trip has to be re – arranged by Border Game Angling due to impossible conditions. (See cancellations below).
  • Your preferred payment method (from the above list) can be discussed in advance and a receipt will be issued as soon as payment has been received.
  • All outstanding payments must be received by Border Game Angling at the conclusion of your session/s.
  • All cheque's to be made payable to Border Game Angling.

Booking Cancellations (Section 1)

In the event of a cancellation by Border Game Angling, we will attempt to re – arrange the session, or trip, to the best of our ability. However, this must be done in a way that affords both parties the opportunity of a fair outcome. Therefore the following applies:

  • In the unlikely event that Border Game Angling would need to cancel a booking indefinitely, and therefore could not provide the service required, a full refund of any fees already paid to Border Game Angling would be made available. No additional compensation over and above this amount will be paid.
  • If Border Game Angling were to cancel a booking due to impossible conditions e.g. flooding or severe storms etc. any deposit that has already been received for the cancelled date/s would be carried forward to an alternative date/s that would be mutually agreed upon by the customer and Border Game Angling.

Booking Cancellations (Section 2)

  • Once dates have been reserved by the customer and confirmed by Border Game Angling, no further bookings from additional customers will be taken for that period. As a result of this, it is inevitable that other customers will be turned away for the period in question Therefore if a cancellation is made by a customer less than 14 days prior to their booking, the deposit for that booking will be forfeit to cover loss of earnings by Border Game Angling.

It is also recognised by Border Game Angling that in extreme cases, due to unforeseen circumstances, short notice cancellations may be a requirement of the customer; therefore where this can be proven, we understand that a proviso should also be available for this eventuality. In these extreme cases the following will apply:

  • Where a bereavement in the family has occurred, or an accident, or serious health issue involving the customer, preventing them from attending their session/s, an alternative date/s will be offered to the customer, providing the customer has informed Border Game Angling of the situation no less than 24 hours before the arranged booking. After this time the deposit will be forfeit and an alternative date/s will not be arranged.
  • In the event of a customer not attending their booking on the arranged date/s and has not informed Border Game Angling that they will not be attending, their deposit will be forfeit and an alternative date/s will not be arranged.
  • If a customer does not attend their booking at the agreed time and has not contacted Border Game Angling to make us aware of the situation, either via email, mobile phone, or SMS, their booking will be deemed void 1 hour after the arranged meeting time. After this time the deposit will be forfeit and an alternative date/s will not be arranged.

B.G.A. Statement

Border Game Angling will endeavour to provide a professional, full time, and fully insured service to all our customers and we promise to fully investigate any concerns raised by those using our services. From time to time photographs will also be taken during our sessions and sent to the customer, they may also be used on the Border Game Angling website or blog. Pictures will not be taken or used in this way, without the express permission of our customers, as the privacy of our customers and their personal details are paramount.


B.G.A. Contact Details:

Clive Mitchelhill (A.A.P.G.A.I.) (FFF)
Border Game Angling
4, Grasmere Street

Tel: 01228 548222
Mob: 07752195082



Clive (Owner at Border Game Angling)

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